Swimming Down Dementia

Make a splash for dementia research

Your distance, your fundraising target.

1 in 3 people born in the UK this year will develop dementia in their lifetime, but research can change this.

No matter what your ability or whether you do it at your local pool, in the sea, or in a lake, every stroke you swim between 1 September and 31 October will move you closer to your goal and help power our mission: to make breakthroughs in dementia research.

Set your challenge, make waves, and go the extra length for dementia research.

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Emily Cast

Emily is taking on the Swimming Down Dementia challenge in honour of her grandmother who has mixed dementia.

The 25-year-old swam for her county as a teenager and would often train twice a day to prepare for competitions. She now swims for fitness and leisure and says raising money for dementia research will motivate her to get in the pool more often.

She said:

“Knowing I’m doing this for my amazing granny will really help me to keep going and clock up the lengths.

“Taking time out in the pool helps me de-stress. I love the mindfulness side of swimming that you don’t have to concentrate on anything as you go through the water and you can switch off. You can go into your own thoughts and I find it really peaceful.

“Even though I don’t compete anymore, I still find swimming is the best way for me to keep fit, with no impact on my joints. I also love the satisfaction you get from it, knowing that after a swim I have probably pushed myself harder than I ever would in a gym.”